Monday, June 15, 2009


Today is Junk Day, one of my favorite Gob Zone traditions.  The official term is something like, "large item pick-up/ trash collection".  Whatever.  It's JUNK DAY!  This is the day we all put out our broken chairs, old mattresses, waterlogged coffee tables, well-used baby equipment, and rusted grills.  I talked about it with my neighbor for weeks beforehand this year in great anticipation.  Plus, they moved the date, so we had to wait longer than usual to unload all our debris-- I mean, large items.  
I used to be a junker.  But I wasn't really deep into it, just scored a toy tractor for the kids and a rocking chair from my other neighbor.  I knew junking wasn't for me when that broken rocker sat out on my porch for a year, waiting to be fixed.  I put it out for the next Junk Day and that was the end of it.  I don't even look twice at Junk anymore, unless I happen to drive by it a lot.  This year I didn't pick up anything.  
You sometimes see older men driving around in older trucks with temporary "walls" extending upward from the truck's bed.  This must be so the truck can hold more of the large items these guys find so interesting; these vehicles have got loads of patio furniture, baker's racks, old TVs, lamps, bikes, suitcases, lumber, scrap metal, and old windows all piled up.  What fun!  I have no idea where they take this stuff or how useful it could be, but I know there must be someone out there who is better than me when it comes to broken chairs.  I love this tradition!! 
People even put their things out early, and in a little bit of a display fashion, so the junkers will see it and stop to check out the goods.  This is a great system, a win/win.  People get to clean out their garages or basements, other people get free stuff, and there is less garbage.  Fantastic.  I love secretly peeking out the window to see somebody stop and help themselves to my junk.  It's like I won a prize when something is hauled off and given a new life.
I'm pretty sure my neighbor put out a dresser today that we put out a year or two ago.   And I am still have two matching chairs in the basement that need to be fixed up.   They could be really nice.

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