Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soda and Cat Food

Nearly every time I go to the grocery store, any grocery store-- I am not too loyal there-- I see at least one other customer with a very limited selection in their cart.  I have conducted only a very informal survey, but this appears to be a Gob Zone phenomenon.  About 75% of the time the only thing this shopper has in the cart is soda.  20-oz. 6-packs of soda, usually Mountain Dew.  What does this say?  "I drink Mountain Dew for breakfast, lunch, and dinner" or, "My food budget is really tight, so all I could afford today was Mountain Dew."  ?  Another thing about these single-item shoppers: they put the soda IN the cart, whereas the multi-item shoppers who but the 20-oz. 6-packs will generally hook the soda over the top edge of the cart, so there is more room in the cart for other things.  Like food.
The other single-item shoppers are in search of cat food, lots and lots of it.  This example also touches on the great affection many people in the Gob Zone lavish on their pets, but I am not prepared to blog about that.  Yet.  Anyway, why isn't cat food just included in the regular grocery shopping along with other things like shampoo, food, laundry detergent, and... soda?

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